This case is based on a situation where the client spent a lot of time and money working with an unprofessional team that was not able to understand requirements and built an incomplete and low-quality solution. The client relied on them for about 1 year but when the project budget was almost over and the product was still not working, the client decided to find another firm to finalize it. This firm was Jappware.

Client: Futurity Software (MyBusse)

Year: 2020-2021

Timeframe: 1 years

Technologies: Java, Spring Framework, MongoDB, Angular, AWS


Implement a CRM system that should include two parts: one is for business and the second is for the customer. Businesses should be able to manage their entities, services, products as well as leads and deals. Also, businesses should be able to manage invoices and sell
products and services directly through the platform. The customer part is responsible to navigate the end-user into the place where some services and products of the particular business entity might be chosen and then bought through the payment functionality.

Invoice and agreement management, as well as transaction statistics, should be provided to the merchant as well as many other niche functionality.


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