It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a giant company, the right people are always key to success. The current case is exactly about people and team extension for one of our clients. Unzer (https://www.unzer.com) is a German payment company that builds its own payment gateway, merchant management systems, and many other systems wants to find strong engineers to extend the existing local team. The goal is to reduce cost for hiring processes and people management but leave development speed and product quality on the same level and even improve it.

Client: Unzer

Year: 2020-2021 (Current project)

Timeframe: 1 years (Current project)

Technologies: Java, Python, Spring Framework, Django, Pandas, Numpy, Plotly-dash, Cx-oracle, sqlalchemy, Browserstack, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, Apache Stack, Angular, React, AWS


Help clients with the right people around his projects. It requires work as a team extension, follow existing development practices, and assist existing teams with their daily load. And build a dedicated team to work independently on subprojects and cooperate with the client’s project management and product owners.


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