This case is about great cooperation between people from the sales industry and software development engineers. The idea was to create the software that can fetch historical deals from various CRM systems and based on standard financial metrics (deal start date, end date, value, sales rep, etc.) predict new deals lifecycle. It was an interesting journey of financial analytic transformation and machine learning algorithms.

Client: Twelve0s

Year: 2017-2019

Timeframe: 2 years

Technologies: Java, Python, Spring Framework, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React, HighCharts, GCP


Provide full-cycle software development services to build a financial platform based on PoC made in Google Sheet. The system should be able to fetch historical deals from the top 3 CRMs like SalesForce, MS Dynamics, and HubSpot, also, support file import. Having historical deals build sales pipelines and determine the current sales cycle to predict existing deals behavior through time including ML algorithms to explain this behavior.The scope of this project, named TwelveZeros, included end-to-end development of the back-end, front-end, and cloud infrastructure, UI/UX design, unit & integration tests, machine learning algorithms, and whole architecture documentation.Here you can see the TwelveZeros in live: https://www.twelvezeros.co/


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