This is a very interesting and one of the most challenging cases. It’s all about huge and legacy e-commerce solutions that generate the client’s revenue and are used by huge amounts of people every day. This is a warranty renewal and recurring revenue optimization tool of the Support Warehouse (https://www.supportwarehouse.com) company. Support Warehouse – Experts in Enterprise technical support services.

Client: Support Warehouse

Year: 2019-2021 (Current project)

Timeframe: 2 years (Current project)

Technologies: Java, Spring Framework, Apache Wicket, MySQL, AWS


The main client’s requirement is to keep product maintenance on a high-quality level including new feature implementation and bug fixes. In this scope of this cooperation, we reported directly to the head of software development and collaborated with the internal engineering and QAs team. Our main duties were continuous improvement of the existing legacy code, fix the technical debt, and implementing new features and API including unit tests. Also, implement CI/CD pipelines to simplify the delivery and deployment process (that was, actually, absent at all)


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