Build a new Team

  To succeed in coming up with novel solutions your team is a key factor. Healthy relationships, complete trust, constant collaboration, clear product understanding lead to innovative ideas, profound solutions, and desired results.

  Our engineers work in a spacious office with all the facilities according to the modern IT engineer's lifestyle. Training, meet-ups, and conferences supported by Jappware aim to keep people up to date with new technologies, follow trends, and, which is the most important, improve, and grow existed knowledge and skillset. We care about everyone from Jappware's family and help each of them to implement their whole potential.

  Being staffed with the Jappware team is always a good idea!

Extend existing Team

  Your main goal might be a time-to-market, or on the other hand, it might also be the scope of work (features) that you've committed to clients or investors. Depending on your development stage and actual situation, you will need a quick scale of your team to reach your goals. 
  With Jappware, you have the opportunity to collaborate with the best talents in Lviv and Ukraine without spending extra money or time on the hiring process.
  Open-mindedness, unique experience, and an exceptional ability to communicate and collaborate allows our engineers to integrate into remote teams easily, immersing into existing processes and conventions and bring inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas to the process.

  • Community

    The support of tech communities is an excellent opportunity for us to get the right people into the team.

  • Process

    A deep understanding of the development processes leads to accurate estimations and cost-saving.

  • Mindset

    An open mindset is a powerful tool in building multiple solutions easily and elegantly.

  • Leadership

    Leadership skills are extremely important in a critical situation, and we managed to gain them! Knowing how to set the tone and lead, we can do things just right.

  • Technologies

    Many engineers tend to make wrong decisions when following existing trends. At Jappware, we rely on the best and extensive practice but keep up to date with innovation as well.

  • Education

    A master's degree, which is a sign of the expertise in a particular area, is a required educational level at Jappware. Though, constant learning plays a significant role in managing new challenges as well.

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  • Team management

      When getting involved in existing teams, we help with the delivery process, estimations, analysis of both weak and strong sides of the team management, and clarifications of the client's needs and expectations, which results in the overall quality of the product. Usage of the most appropriate tools and implementation of the best practices within all teams gives us a great opportunity to receive instant feedback about all levels and then react to different issues before they cause problems.
      Choosing Team Management service, you focus on business needs and key performance metrics when Jappware takes care of a strong and healthy team and all criteria fulfillment.

  • Setup the development process

      Throughout many years in the software development industry, we realized that only the correct development process ensures the best performance of the team which results in less overtime and overwork. Back-log reviewing, planning, estimations, task delegation, and acceptance criteria are nothing without a clear delivery pipeline, consistent backlog, and general scope understanding. Here is where Jappware tries to make a maximal impact and brings the whole process to a new level. 

      At Jappware, we build and implement an individual approach and adopt the right practices required by a particular business or industry needs.


  • IT Audit

      Even already built teams and set processes may fail your expectations. If you constantly notice this tendency and feel that something is not going right - thinking out of the box is the solution. 
         At Jappware, we run a deep investigation, conduct surveys, do code analysis, create reports of the whole project, and then provide solutions for a process and product improvement.
        Providing IT Audit services, our engineers take a careful look at the whole product and development process from different angles. Sometimes, fixing one small flaw right on the delivery level might save the whole situation. On the other hand, though, the probability of worsening is also present. That might be a wrong decision to design or require specifications or integrate between teams /team members as it’s quite time-consuming. So, IT Audit is a great choice when there’s a necessity to find different problem resolutions be it team management or any other more complicated issues.

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