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To succeed in coming up with novel solutions your team is a key factor. Healthy relationships, complete trust, constant collaboration, clear product understanding lead to innovative ideas, profound solutions, and desired results.

Our engineers have the ability to work in a spacious office with all the facilities according to the modern IT engineer’s lifestyle as well as work remotely using our security policies and standards. Training, meet-ups, and conferences supported by Jappware aim to keep people up to date with new technologies, follow trends, and, which is the most important, improve, and grow existed knowledge and skillset. We care about everyone from Jappware’s family and help each of them to implement their whole potential.

Being part of the Jappware team is always a good idea!

Extend existing Team

Team extension is the best way out to rapidly increase your existing team, improve performance and reach your goals faster without redundant expenses for hiring, team management, and complex legal procedures.

With Jappware, you have the opportunity to cooperate with the best talents in Ukraine without taking responsibility for the employment process and team coordination. Our people know how to apply your existing processes into our daily work and bring value ASAP.

Open-mindedness, unique experience, and an exceptional ability to communicate and collaborate allows our engineers to integrate into remote teams easily, immersing into existing processes and conventions and bringing inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas to the process.

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    Team management is a process that requires continuous attention to detail and improvements. This process has two main goals:

    • Translate business requirements to the technical specification;
    • Coordinate the development process to reach all deliverables.

    These points are just the key tip of the iceberg, much more are hidden under the hood. However, having the right people on the team leader and project management positions gives the ability to set up a team management process in the way of putting business needs on top of technology decisions. It makes everyone understand what they do and why they do it. As a result, everyone becomes a team player in the same journey to success.

    Managed teams by Jappware gives you an ability to focus on business needs and key performance metrics while Jappware takes care of a strong and healthy team and all criteria fulfillment.

    The right and the well set up process are one of the success criteria of any project. The development process is the key to make predictable deliverables with proper quality where everyone has an opportunity to follow the best practices and enjoy the daily work.

    At Jappware, we implement an individual approach and adopt the best practices according to a business or industry’s needs. As a result, we continuously coordinate our processes, collect feedbacks and metrics, build KPIs and verify results according to OKRs to make improvements and constantly move things forward using the right path.

    Issues and challenges are an integral part of anything. Those who can transform failures into success through analysis and better decisions – will definitely reach the desired goals.

    Software development is not an exception. Such industry as an IT meets issues, challenges, failed deadlines, and bad quality software pretty often. As a result, people lose money, investors, and their businesses.

    During the audit, our engineers take a careful look at the whole product and its development process from different angles. It results in a detailed report about the software state based on security checks, code quality, deliverables vs. expectations, team spirit scores, and more other useful metrics that bring transparency into this process.

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