Design - is much more than you consider it to be!

UI/UX - brings clarity into your solution usage. Poor usage experience results in unsatisfied consumers that leads to client loss, or a decrease in the overall value of the product. High-level UI/UX makes sure that your solution delivers its main message and presents the value precisely. Correct metrics and activity logging give our experts an opportunity to understand users' flow and better it. That is why UI/UX engineers in our company continually learn, investigate, and analyze the user's needs and enhance already existing solutions.


Architecture design is very similar to a real organization or company structure. Monolith or microservices, cloud or on-premises? These and many other questions should be the first to answer when designing a system or application architecture. One inaccurate step may cause issues with the flexibility to extend or implement new details later. At Jappware, we always pay very close attention to this phase of the process so that to avoid every vital flaw in the future.


API - is the way your solutions look outside for the 3rd parties. Usage of improper practices might cause issues with further integrations. Your system may go down or become very slow for your main users until your 3rd party clients consume the data. Designing API also includes data structures, models, and the appropriate transfer protocol, security, availability but not only exact interaction paths.


Code style - is a design of your code. Your code might be the best documentation ever or the main reason for all bugs, issues, and problems with new functionality implementations and integrations.

Team mentality. When you form a new team or try to establish an efficient collaboration in an already existing one, the design of team mentality is a very significant part that will increase the performance, better communication, understanding, and overall team health. 
Not everything mentioned before is all regarding the Design. There are plenty of points included in the designing process left for discussion. Based on the design, you will get quality, fulfill your expectations, and feel satisfied with deliverables. With Jappware, you can reach all of these goals. We take high quality and detailed approach to design full-stack processes, starting from the idea analysis, requirement design, and finishing with a complete implementation, release strategy, and marketing plan. 

Design is a product of creativity visible on all levels of the development cycle.