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A great UI/UX design is a golden ticket for the successful future of your product, that determines how conveniently the users will interact with the software. With its assistance, you will expand the amount of users, increase in conversion, get more positive feedbacks and boost recognition among the competitors.

Jappware provides you with the UX/UI design service taking into account all the needs, as well as, peculiarities of your business. Before proceeding directly with the elaboration of your design, we will conduct the research of the target audience behavior and study the users’ demands. The collected data is considered to be the basis for such things as the following ones:

  • development of the architecture;
  • design of the users’ pages;
  • choice of the color scheme;
  • placement of the elements; appearance of the icons.

We thoroughly consider the issues of planning and engineering of the main components of the UX design, such as concept mapping, user journey mapping and information architecture. Realizing that the users’ experience depends on both the graphic design and the simple navigation, we will provide your web or mobile app with the exclusive and intuitive user interface. Apart from creating a design, we can offer you some extra services aimed at your long-term promotion, comprising the mentioned below:

  • product and marketing UX strategy;
  • usability testing and analytics;
  • front-end engineering;
    platform integration.

Moreover, cooperating with Jappware, you can get a flexible and functional solution that will subsequently ensure the possibility of changes and improvements.

Services Cost
Minimal Monthly rate2,850$
Minimal team1
Minimal duration3 months

* minimum average monthly rate per team mate (team of senior, mid, jun, QA etc, depending on a project)

UX/UI design services company

Jappware specializes in the core principles of successful mechanics of the user interaction with your application. Due to this, we make sure that such mechanisms are visualized properly in the user interface. Starting with the UX design, we form a reliable basis for the subsequent work on the UI ones.

Jappware is a full-service UX design company that:

  • has an extensive experience in various projects;
  • draws up the design concepts from the scratch;
  • redesigns the existing applications.

We invariably attempt to find an individual approach to each client and guarantee the personal service of the ux design. After analyzing the basic parameters and formulating the working strategy, the key processes in the design creation are:

  • the development of a prototype;
  • its testing;
  • the procedure of making modifications.

Our highly-qualified designers repeat these steps up to the optimal interaction for users will be achieved.

In order to perform the work efficiently and on time, every advanced UI/UX design and development company takes care of the active teamwork among the designers along with the developers while making custom products. Jappware has a well-established cooperation between all team members. Thus, whether it is the operation, dedicated to the code writing or work on an API, all the aspects will be agreed beforehand, likewise, they will be taken into account in the UI/UX design.

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    Mockups are the first iteration of UI & UX visualization. That provides the answers which are the base when developing data structures, use-cases, and creation of the approximate feature list.

    That is the first important interaction of the product owner, back-end, and front-end teams. High-quality mockups make things clear and, as a result, decrease the chance of confusion and misinterpretation.

    Our designers and UI/UX experts produce high-quality outcomes from building system layout, color scheme, and general component design. Our style guides are detailed documentation that we might use for the following feature development without any additional design or prototyping. We take into consideration all requirements and implement the latest UI/UX trends to come up with reliable solutions on a top professional level.

    We offer a design of an architecture solution that completely satisfies all main requirements and has a huge potential for further development and improvement. When designing the most important and secured parts, we adopt a way that ensures their easy transference from different solution providers of common frameworks. We mind the data flow, fault tolerance, distribution, fallbacks, and other important concepts when using modern methods of platform architecting.

    Code conventions, test coverage, documentation, continuous integration, and deployment are the most valuable and universal things that all our solutions include.

    In the initial phase, our main task is to set the best development process for each particular team. This process includes common instructions to all stages of feature development, testing, integration, and delivery. All team members’ responsibility is to understand and follow the requirements. Jappware makes everything clear and understandable, creating the value on each stage, and providing help so that to ensure that each specialist reaches high-performance scores with minimal time consumption.

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      UI/UX design cases

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      It is not a static thing! Keep UI/UX trackable and continuously improve it.

      UI/UX Design

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      Never split the difference! UI/UX must be simple and clear.

      UI/UX Design

      Your time is money, but your time is most required during the UI/UX design stage. It’s an essential part of our cooperation since it depends on how you feel and understands the final user interface, and it will reflect how your users will feel and interact with it. In the end, It will result in your conversion rate and bring you more clients or even vice-versa.Β 

      To ensure we are on the right way you should work with our UI/UX experts as much as closer. Even your participation in Mockups or Wireframes creation is welcome and highly appreciated. Each step that affects the design and might affect user interaction must be required, discussed, and approved by you.

      • Mockups & Wireframes
      • Logos creation
      • Brandbook and color guide creation
      • Web & Mobile Design
      • User Experience Design
      • UX metrics collecting and analyzing
      • Continuous UX improvements

      It is a part of the process, and all requests have to be added to the backlog with proper priorities, which the team will take for further implementation. Usually, we practice two-week sprints that bring interactive results. However, the UI/UX design experts work directly with a client and parallel with the rest of the team. It means that during daily communication, changes might be discussed and approved immediately, and after the written confirmation, they will be adopted to the design.

      Usually, we use wireframes creation tools like Figma or Whimsicle. In this case, we provide you full access to the project that contains all work with resources and a history of changes. However, in this case, we use another approach to create a design (like photoshop, etc.) we use version control systems where you have full access to all resources and complete results.

      Many tools and systems like Hotjar require a quick and straightforward implementation on the UI and provide the functionality to see what users do on your website, how they interact with elements and track all metrics related to User Experience. Also, we can ask an additional question if the user is stuck or has trouble working with the system to collect feedbacks and assist immediately.

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