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E-commerce software development company

In the modern economic conditions, it is challenging to ignore the huge role of e-commerce among commercial companies. Assuming that, the e-commerce software can be a powerful instrument for scaling and increasing the income of your business. Create from the scratch or improve your e-commerce platform with the assistance of the e-commerce software development company.

Jappware leads companies to facilitate the performance of their daily tasks, enhance the quality of the customer service, and maintain a stable level of productivity. Our company can elaborate a website or a marketplace, a mobile app or any other software so that your customers are guaranteed to pick up pleasure from the online-shopping process. On the other hand, you are able to get an easily configurable solution that will allow you to automate the selling process, simplify the data processing and structure the information about both goods and purchases, payments and customers as well.

Due to the experience and special knowledge, Jappware will become the trustworthy partner of yours in generating brand new opportunities for the business.

E-commerce software development

Starting from the analysis of the specifics of your business and ending up with the launching coupled with supporting turnkey solutions, we will take into account all your desires, as well as, do our utmost to achieve the best results. Jappware can provide you with the e-commerce software development, which includes the UI/UX design elaboration, cloud technologies implementation, efficiently used artificial intelligence and data analytics, along with the PCI security standards compliance. Likewise, in order to optimize processes comprehensively, we can integrate your custom e-commerce solutions with the CRM systems, CMS, ERP software, payment gateways or any other kind of a third-party software.

Promote a positive experience of the product’s usage and maximize profits with the e-commerce development software!

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    Mockups are the first iteration of UI & UX visualization. That provides the answers which are the base when developing data structures, use-cases, and creation of the approximate feature list.

    That is the first important interaction of the product owner, back-end, and front-end teams. High-quality mockups make things clear and, as a result, decrease the chance of confusion and misinterpretation.

    Our designers and UI/UX experts produce high-quality outcomes from building system layout, color scheme, and general component design. Our style guides are detailed documentation that we might use for the following feature development without any additional design or prototyping. We take into consideration all requirements and implement the latest UI/UX trends to come up with reliable solutions on a top professional level.

    We offer a design of an architecture solution that completely satisfies all main requirements and has a huge potential for further development and improvement. When designing the most important and secured parts, we adopt a way that ensures their easy transference from different solution providers of common frameworks. We mind the data flow, fault tolerance, distribution, fallbacks, and other important concepts when using modern methods of platform architecting.

    Code conventions, test coverage, documentation, continuous integration, and deployment are the most valuable and universal things that all our solutions include.

    In the initial phase, our main task is to set the best development process for each particular team. This process includes common instructions to all stages of feature development, testing, integration, and delivery. All team members’ responsibility is to understand and follow the requirements. Jappware makes everything clear and understandable, creating the value on each stage, and providing help so that to ensure that each specialist reaches high-performance scores with minimal time consumption.

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