"Jappware Team is the mastermind behind Lean-Case which enables business planning in the cloud. It is an excellent team of architects and developers covering front-end as well as backend technologies. I'm so proud of the product that we built and continuously support together with Jappware's team."

- Eckhard Ortwein, CEO & Founder @ LeanCase



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    • Completely redesign and implement a new version of the existed project in a 6 month

    • Design and implement own DSL to specify complex formulas, and build an engine to solve models of formulas supporting different financial terms and functions

    • Continuously receive tons of change requests, manage the process and permanently collaborate with the client

    • Custom design and Angular components

    • Delayed batch data processing

    • Support of Multitenant structure and complete SSO implementation


    • Designed multi-relational, JSON-based model structure with the support of nested formulas

    • Concurrent computation engine that allows computing all models or just a part of it by applying previous results

    • AI implementation to help the user build his workspace using general knowledge of his business

    • Flexible multitenant approach with the support of individual branding

    • Subscription management and robust security implementation

    • Bue-Green deployment and complex CI/CD pipeline


    • The application was redeveloped from the scratch in 6 months, and production release was successfully finished in 8 months including whole infrastructure preparation

    • Powerful computation engine and flexible DSL make the process of adding new formulas and models very quickly with minimal development

    • App performance on a very high level, with the possibility to manage more than 100 mutational requests per second

    • Lightning-fast model calculations based on the parallel processing approach and asynchronous connectivity


    • AI and ML algorithms to classify business models and compile the most appropriate workspace

    • Custom instructions specification and executions

    • Complete and End-To-End SSO solution

    • Team management in an extreme situation

    • Infrastructure as a code solutions & tools

    • Reactive programming approaches

    • Bug fixing and hot deploys on production

    • Audit, metric monitoring and log analyzing

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