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Lacrosse TCM

Lacrosse game tracker. Provides functionality to train goalies by coaches and by goalies themselves. Comfortable to track goals, misses, and saves. Video recording and snapshot comments. Collaboration mechanism between goalies and coaches, experience and knowledge sharing.


Business planing portal that provides you with business models & metrics, so you can apply a standard approach to business modeling, tracking, and profitability planning.


Forecasting & Analytic platform. Supports integration with a lot of data sources and provides all needed information in single and comfortable place.  

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SmartBot is an NLP communication application from Milpitas Communications. Application helps small and medium businesses to support their clients and provide automated services like booking appointments, order products etc.


A powerful tool to support and engage clients between sessions. With this innovative tool clients may taste the experience of change to the utmost and reach out eagerly for further growth and development


On-line teaching system to learn and improve pronunciation.  Provides functionality for teachers and students and scoring mechanism. 


Platform to share items across country. Everyone can offer and requests something. Includes messaging and state visualization. 


Scheduling system. Allows users create events (free or paid), invite others and manage event flow.

Will be much more