Requirements analysis

A detailed analysis of product requirements and specifications results in a more efficient process of test planning and exact expectations from the output. That allows us to arrange appropriate tools and technologies, the environment, and a full set of use cases.

Our QA engineers are top skilled and reliable people who are aware of their work values. That’s why based on the best practices and teamwork principles we evaluate and distribute tasks within a group of people to reach maximal velocity and minimize all possible misunderstanding issues on the way.

Test planning

In the test planning stage, we work on developing a right, clear, and transparent sequence of tasks along with estimations, expectations, acceptance criteria, and clear descriptions to a specific part of the functionality that will be tested.

All tasks are thoroughly evaluated by our engineers to determine the suitable test approach, test cases, tools, environment, and specialist’s skills needed to do some piece of work most appropriately. Additionally, we can create an exact Gantt Diagram so that we can get a visualization of the whole process and scope of work.

Test execution is a continuous process held during all development and testing phases. We keep monitoring application health, functionality, and source code according to specifications and conventions.

A powerful and consistent CI/CD approach makes feature delivery a lot easier. Furthermore, it allows us to run testing immediately on each new piece of functionality, receiving the detailed report instantly.

A clear defect report allows us to see and understand the existing situation, meet bottlenecks, and solve all of the issues before the functionality is delivered to an end-user and affects the whole business. According to these reports and evaluated priority sprint planning is done more suitably, and expectations are fulfilled more efficiently.

An automated way of testing your solution is the best choice that allows continuous monitoring and gives instant notification in case of some issues or regressions.

At Jappware, we follow only the most dependable solutions based on Claud and On-premises test automation providers and technologies.

Penetration Testing​​

Keeping your system safe is as crucial as keeping your office, organization, or home protected from unauthorized access. Dozens of possible attacks can break your system, insert unexpected behavior, or, in the worst-case scenario- get access to your private data.

At Jappware, we have gained sufficient experience in Pen-Tests using best OWASP practices and recommendations.Our specialists constantly learn about new vulnerabilities and improve approaches to make our clients stay safe and protected.

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