Basic Research

  The research aims to understand a subject matter more accurately and further base the knowledge on it. As practice shows, the findings of the research help to prevent different sorts of failures and are of potential interest to a company.

Applied Research

  The applied research has more specific and directed objectives. When running these investigations, we focus on specific commercial objectives related to products or processes and further determine the methods to address a particular customer/industry need or requirement.


  Within the scope of Development, Jappware provides you with all the necessary documentation, prototypes, mockups, wireframes which represent the final product and that's something that differs from the concrete development and engineering of the product, as when conducting R&D, we run the whole investigation of the market, provide the design of the actual final product which is to be released further. That is, R&D is not only the analysis of client needs. In other words, the main difference at this point is the development and engineering (or manufacturing). Engineering is the utilization of particular plans and research to produce commercial products.


Foster the Ideas

Focusing on the Ideas

Developing the ideas

Prototypes & Trials

Regulatory, Marketing, Product Development