Jappware has done an incredible job being a partner for TwelveZeros. Together we have built a world-class platform that is scalable, flexible and fault-tolerant. The best developers, we've worked with!
Patrick Kellenberger
CEO & Founder @ TwelveZeros
Jappware Team is the mastermind behind Lean-Case which enables business planning in the cloud. It is an excellent team of architects and developers covering front-end as well as backend technologies. I'm so proud of the product that we built and continuously support together with Jappware's team.
Eckhard Ortwein
CEO & Founder @ LeanCase
I was very nervous about working with another firm after my prior experience. However, my fears disappeared after working with the group almost immediately. I was hoping to find a development partner who I can leverage as if they are the CTO within the company and not an outside firm. I found this with Jappware. Everyone is invested into the software and gives great suggestions. Plus, we solved the TSYS issue, which the prior firm couldn't do in almost a year! I hope the partnership continues like this because this is a great partnership and happy we are working together.
Matt Pozek
CEO & Founder @ MyBusse
Working with Jappware has been great. They are able to start work based on a couple of discussions and deliver high-quality, full-stack, solutions that span technologies (Java, JavaScript, RDBMS, 3rd party libraries, API-layers). The most recent project was a Chrome extension -- it's used every day by most employees and they can't imagine life without it. Cliff McBride, VP Product, Betts Recruiting
Cliff McBride
VP of Product @ Betts Recruiting
Jappware is very reliable and delivers work on time. The company is always open to feedback and suggestions. The communication is fast and effective and we're happy to work with them!
Marcel Schuy
CEO & Co-Founder @ CleverMemo
Jappware is a great combination of technical and management capability. Jappware's team helped me to architect my product, so it can scale for vertical in terms of a number of customers and handle big data. They worked with my team to help them with all technical aspect. I would definitely recommend Jappware! Love to work with his incredible team.
Anurag Vaidya
CEO & Founder @ MilpitasCommunications
They’re very good. Andriy is very switched on and intelligent and grasps complex processes quickly. He didn’t have a background in mortgages, but he grasped it quickly and translated what we needed into code and into a working solution. We’ll have a better idea about the platform once it’s live but we’re still building it.
Luke Saint
Founder @Mortgage Thoughts
The project was completed successfully so allowed our business to continue thriving.Project management was done on Skype. Communication was effective and deadlines and milestones were followed.Very personable owner and efficient communication and they provide reasonably priced custom development.
Claudio Miguel
CEO @Millionaire Trading Centre
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