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     A sense of security is one of the fundamental human needs. Experience shows that security is also vital for business, because a simple data leak can lead to the collapse of the company. Given the growing number of cyber threats, today every advanced company needs to take care of its own safety means of protection. Jappware adopts the security principles in the developmental process of any type of software according to the requirements of the client’s business. We maintain an integrated approach to the software security development and focus on the security of the software that is efficient for both companies and their customers.

     If you want to have truly powerful and reliable software, pay attention to its security. Or rather, let us do our best to protect the digital side of your business. We accumulate our advanced technical knowledge and achieve security in software development by identifying threat scenarios and implementing appropriate countermeasures in the product design. Ideally, software development and security should be linked from the outset and at all stages of the product lifecycle. So, the security requirements are agreed with the client beforehand at the planning stage. This may prevent needless costs associated with eliminating the production scrap or redesigning the existing architecture. In our work, we use reliable practices for safeguarding computer systems and data. Agile software development methodologies allow us to incorporate the security procedures into every development iteration.

     Regardless of the type and complexity of the systems, the development process includes secure design and coding, threat modeling and privacy assurance. Finally, an integral part of developing our secure software is testing the application to detect vulnerabilities or other inconsistencies. This allows us to obtain the end-product that is in line with the following: risk profiles, organizational security, privacy policies and standards, as well as authentication and identification along with  sustainability requirements. Your off-the-shelf software will be able to withstand unauthorized interference and data breach attempts, which other, less developed applications cannot guarantee.

     Entrust the improvement of your security to Jappware and get the advantage over competitors.

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    Mockups are the first iteration of UI & UX visualization. That provides the answers which are the base when developing data structures, use-cases, and creation of the approximate feature list.

    That is the first important interaction of the product owner, back-end, and front-end teams. High-quality mockups make things clear and, as a result, decrease the chance of confusion and misinterpretation.

    Our designers and UI/UX experts produce high-quality outcomes from building system layout, color scheme, and general component design. Our style guides are detailed documentation that we might use for the following feature development without any additional design or prototyping. We take into consideration all requirements and implement the latest UI/UX trends to come up with reliable solutions on a top professional level.

    We offer a design of an architecture solution that completely satisfies all main requirements and has a huge potential for further development and improvement. When designing the most important and secured parts, we adopt a way that ensures their easy transference from different solution providers of common frameworks. We mind the data flow, fault tolerance, distribution, fallbacks, and other important concepts when using modern methods of platform architecting.

    Code conventions, test coverage, documentation, continuous integration, and deployment are the most valuable and universal things that all our solutions include.

    In the initial phase, our main task is to set the best development process for each particular team. This process includes common instructions to all stages of feature development, testing, integration, and delivery. All team members’ responsibility is to understand and follow the requirements. Jappware makes everything clear and understandable, creating the value on each stage, and providing help so that to ensure that each specialist reaches high-performance scores with minimal time consumption.

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