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Using modern approaches to manage team and development process Jappwares' team bring expectable result to all customers
Development Process
Sprint Planning
Our processes allow clients to be a part of our team, work together, collaborate and stay in touch with progress
Backlog Grooming

During backlog grooming session we become familiar with requirements and tasks, setup priorities and provide estimations. Preparing future sprints scope, build expectations and provide exact questions to get better understanding about clients needs.  

Sprint Planning

We are following by clients priorities and team velocity when build spring capacity. This provide guarantees that sprints' scope will be finished in time and helps client build correct expectations. 


Our processes and experience make us flexible enough to  handle critical situations and change sprint scope without impact on clients expectation.

Acceptance Demo

Each spring ending with visible result that can be demoed. Jappwares' team provides working functionality covered by test cases and ready to be used in production. 


Together with clients we do retrospective sessions. This pard of our process allows us to highlight issues and troubles during past sprint, figure out correct ways to solve them and build action items for team.

We really proud that have so close communication with our clients that brings transparency and trust into our relationships.

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