• Ongoing project

      Jappware's main responsibility is to take care of the client's business and software that supports and covers business needs. Growth of your business, its improvement, and flaws fixing are in our best interest. The investigation of ongoing projects allows us to discover another engineering culture, examine different solutions, and compare them with the most beneficial methods that we constantly practice at Jappware. 


      It's a well-known fact that the support of ongoing projects is more important than the development of new ones as the client has already invested money, and it is not acceptable to lose them. That's why at Jappeware, we always keep ongoing projects working and improve them with no effect on business value.

  • After production

      Jappware is an expert company that supports the projects which are already in production, have real users, and a continuous flow of data. Data and Architecture Migration, API Reverse Engineering, Improvements, and Bug Fixing are only a few options for clients who switch solution vendors. 

      Having the experience with system migration where 20M of 40M users (in the database) are present online and perform many actions simultaneously, we are sure to handle even bigger challenges. Jappware provides its guarantees to support your current solution with no downtime migration or redeployment.

  • Customer Success

      Feedback is crucial. During the whole collaboration, we periodically conduct surveys and appoint meetings to collect the feedback. We react immediately and take actions to tackle the issues that occurred to continuously improve processes, communication, and reach a full understanding with one another. 

      We address bad feedback by starting an investigation so that to collect all sorts of information to better the situation. The team examines the actions taken during the working process and reviews the steps which resulted in flaws. 

      Jappware is opened for feedback as it's the most effective way to enhance the quality of the collaboration and reach excellent results in the future.

  • Existing team

      People in the team are professionals who are already in your trust, have significant knowledge and understanding of your values, business, products, and requirements. 

      Jappware experts are always up-to-date with new trends but look at them with a critical eye so that to apply only the most beneficial practices. Conducting this constant trend research, our team leaders and project managers have the appropriate skills to build a healthy team based on responsibility, trust, and clarity of goals. Our leaders are always ready to join your teams to provide support, help, and share the unique personal experience via onsite visits, regular meetings, and agile processes.

  • Evaluation

      The value of evaluation is that it allows us to get a detailed image of the current state of the Client’s business.

    In other words, precise evaluation gives a clear vision and predictive results. 
    During the evaluation period, our most skilled specialists work on requirements, project details, deliverables, testing plans, CI/CD strategy, team expertise, and final proposal. At this particular stage, we create a detailed picture of the project, requirements, and the whole scope. Evaluation helps to recognize potential issues and challenges. ​


      Jappware continuously collaborates with clients and follows all business processes. Our team evaluates common metrics for new or ongoing product development and is ready to integrate the most suitable practices known.

  • Investigation

    Based on the investigation phase, we provide an exact plan for the next steps.


      Project investigation is a process where our leading engineers take a careful look at source code, practices, conventions, and patterns that were used during development. Then the evaluation of implemented algorithm efficiency and calculation of the technical dept takes place. The outcome, which is based on the received requirements and analyzed architecture, is a detailed report of all key metrics and suggested strategy which improves code and algorithms, resolves all bottlenecks, supports weak places. 


      Requirement investigationWhen examining some particular areas, or simply learning specifications, many developers happen to miss important points related to some business needs which bring more business value in the scope of other product features.
    Requirement investigation is a phase where Jappware learns all key points profoundly, analyzes tools and technologies available in the market that match particular business needs, and then applies existing ones or suggests different solutions.

    Jappware's engineering culture follows the most beneficial practices where business needs and values are the main and the most important factors that affect requirements and the final decision.

      Scope investigation is the most important part that affects deliverables and expectations. When running this process, we build a detailed backlog of epics, stories and tasks, complexity, and detail evaluation. Then our experts suggest the roadmap and build a Gantt diagram based on the existed or proposed by the team composition.

  • Proposal

      Consulting on the proposal stage means that clients put their trust in  Jappware's expertise. We acknowledge the aforementioned and make sure our clients get the most beneficial proposal in the market. 


      During the time of our existence, we have reached big success, but not without the failures. When delivering on time, and especially when failing our estimates, we nailed most of the processes and changed our vision dozens of times! We worked with cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, deployed solutions on multiple clouds, on-premises, and serverless technologies. Despite all these ups and downs, we find ourselves proud of the fact that each of our clients reached expected goals and now successfully run their solutions which help, protect, and automate the most important business needs.

      Jappware team is available to provide free consulting for our clients, share and transfer knowledge so that to establish the most efficient and productive collaboration on the following stages.

  • Development

      Miscommunication, vague requirements and descriptions, bugs, conflicts in assigned teams, and a huge number of other possible issues might occur in the development process. 
      One of the most critical and weak parts of the development process is a CI (Continuous Integration), and this is not about Jenkins or any other CI/CD tool. It is about culture and methodology, integration between programmers, managers, and people who know both the business and the product. 


      At Jappware, we know how to establish development processes appropriately, manage local and assigned teams, collaborate with product owners, and delegate a particular scope of work on each development iteration. We deal with it every single day, and we are sure to provide the best service for you.

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