Jappware provides high-quality IT Consulting & Software Development. Offers full-cycle development process from idea to release using top technologies and intelligent solutions. Our attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the IT industry.

We are willing to succeed in our solutions and value our customers’ success equally as our own. Our work is not just the service that we provide; it's about sharing development risk.

Leadership board

Andriy Rymar

CEO & Founder

Andriy is a software development engineer with more than 12 years of engineering practices and 3 years in C-level management. He is a local JUG leader, JavaDay Lviv & CoffeeJUG co-organizer, public speaker, and people mentor. Andriy continuously learns new technologies and methodologies, investigates the market, and helps clients implement the best solutions, increase their revenue and decrease the cost of development.

Ira Ulytska


Ira is a qualified, young, and ambitious Chief Financial Officer with strong knowledge in finance, budgeting, and accounting areas. She provides effective support for the whole company and independent entrepreneurs. Ira has an open mindset and continuously demonstrates leadership and management skills.

Ivan Verhun


Ivan is an experienced software architect and team manager with a proven ability to start a project from scratch and drive the team toward the set goals. Ivan is also an active community member, co-organizer, and program committee member of a few local conferences and the company’s internal self-learning initiatives.


To grow imaginative talents and professional team in order to build innovative products in a trustful partnership


Continuous development​

To keep up with the times, we course continuous development in everything we do: solutions, services, and processes. It is a pledge to the company’s business growth. This growth is impossible without employees’ self-improvement and vice versa. Employees’ personal development is only possible in a company’s inspiring environment. That is why we value employees’ desire for career growth and self-improvement and help them achieve their goals.


At Jappware, we create an environment that motivates employees and partners to express their minds freely. We strongly believe that frankness fosters the trust among employees. It strengthens the ties between Jappware and our partners.


Working in synergy with our employees and partners we accept their targets and aims as our own. We treat employees and customers’ success as our own success. From the other side we believe our teammates interpret Jappware’s achievements like their personal achievements.


We aim to create a team culture that admits the value of every person's input. The culture where every opinion matters, where every employee is sincerely interested in customers needs and truly engaged in achieving the common goals. This freewill involvement creates a healthy coworking environment and boosts productivity, because people feel more drive to be innovative, knowing their ideas will be heard and accepted.


Every successful business is built upon trust and openness. Based on this credo we are going ahead with integrity and unity in everything we do, in every big and small thing. This means that mutual frankness, honestness and sincerity are to be the cornerstone of creating productive relationships with our partners and employees.

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