Backend Development

Backend Development

Whether you require the reliability of Java for enterprise-grade applications, the speed and efficiency of Node.js, or the exceptional power and simplicity of Python for large data volume processing and AI, we've got you covered!

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Why Jappware


A pool of result-oriented technical experts in various business domains.


Continuous learning and use of cutting-edge technologies on practices.

Security & Complience

Deep security and data protection practices. Fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.


Complete transparency in the cooperation process, starting from legal terms, and team composition till the result delivery and billing.


We reach graceful results. It means sticking to the expectations (pixel & code line -perfectionism), including source code audit, detailed progress tracking approach, human-readable documentation, and testing.


We treat you as part of us and want to become a part of you. Together, we can reach synergy at every stage of cooperation, building a better future.

Most used tools


We create

Server-side Applications

We build stable, 24/7 available, and fault-tolerant server-side applications to handle the processing, storing, and managing of your data, as well as serving requests from web, mobile, and 3rd party clients.  We implement solutions to serve your business logic efficiently and bring much more value in terms of earning money and reducing your costs.

Serverless Applications

Taking into account your business needs and environment, the serverless (Serverless computing or Function as a Service (FaaS)) applications could become a better solution to serve your business logic in the cloud, providing maximum flexibility and scalability for an efficient cost model depending from the usage and without any hardware maintenance cost.

Cloud Agnostic Applications

Considering the business requirements and capabilities, we might recommend building an architecture of your solution to stay Cloud Agnostic rather than make a vendor-lock and fall into a trap with future costs and policies.


GraphQL, WebSockets, REST, SOAP, and many other communication protocols are in our pocket to find the way out, propose, and build the resilient, rapidly fast, and stable API for your software to serve your web & mobile clients as well as to allow the 3rd parties your software as a service.

Database Solutions

Depending on your data types, expectations of data read and write operations, business requirements, and privacy policy, we implement high-performance databases to guarantee data protection, consistency, and availability on a single instance or multi-node cluster. 


Software infrastructure is critical and often underestimated at the beginning. Once we get to this portion, we count security, software architecture, continuous development, deployment process, ability to provide No-Downtime releases, and many other points that could be discovered based on your business needs and expectations.

Our services


Architecture Design & Development

Architecture is the fundamental starting point of your new or existing system. Bad architecture will cost you later in redesign, redevelopment, and lack of flexibility and scalability. We know this and act appropriately.

Refactoring and Maintenance

Sometimes, it happens that the existing solution was made without love. It brings bugs and complex maintenance. At Jappware, we met such situations and developed a habit of bringing perfection into every single line of code and pixel on the screen. We are ready to continuously refactor your solution without enabling a refactoring mode that stops your actual delivery process and are prepared to maintain your solution by flexible terms and conditions.

Consulting and Audit

It might be worth inviting an independent expert into your process for a fresh look at your existing problems and using new expertise to try to find better solutions as well as evaluate the current state of implementation and provide independent feedback with recommendations.

Testing and Documentation

At Jappware, we include incrementation and updating the documentation into the entire development scope in parallel with unit tests of any of our solutions. We recommend building integration and end-to-end tests to ensure your software follows expectations and business logic.

Stories & Case Studies

Explore how we transform each business challenge into a compelling success story. Dive into our curated collection of case studies to witness how we navigate complexities, implement high-quality solutions, and turn every journey into a testament to success.