UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Unlocking the potential of your software solutions, our UI/UX design service goes beyond aesthetics, combining rigorous research and industry-standard processes to create user-centric interfaces that boost engagement, conversions, and brand reputation.

Why Jappware


A pool of result-oriented technical experts with experience in various business domains


Continuous learning and use of cutting-edge technologies and practices.

Security & Compliance

Deep security and data protection practices. Fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.


Complete transparency in the cooperation process, starting from legal terms and team composition till the result delivery and billing.


We reach graceful results. It means sticking to the expectations (pixel & code line -perfectionism), including source code audit, detailed progress tracking approach, human-readable documentation, and testing.


We treat you as part of us and want to become a part of you. Together, we can reach synergy at every stage of cooperation, building a better future.

Most used tools

Google Analytics

Our UI/UX process


Understand the business goals, user needs, and project constraints. It involves conducting user research, analyzing data, and creating user personas.


Gather more information about the users and their needs. This can be done through interviews, surveys, usability testing, and analytics.


Synthesize the research findings and identify the key user needs and pain points. Develop user flows and wireframes.


Create the visual design of the interface. This includes creating mockups and style guides.


Create a “working” prototype of the interface. This can be done using a variety of tools, such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD.


Test the prototype with users to identify any usability issues. The feedback from users is used to iterate on the design.


The design process is iterative, meaning that it is constantly being improved. Designers should continue to collect feedback from users and make changes to the interface as needed.

Our services


Analytical Research

Through analytical research, we make data-driven decisions to optimize user interfaces, enhance user experiences, and align design choices with user needs and preferences. It is an essential part of the user-centered design process, enabling continuous improvement based on empirical data and user insights.

Competitor Analysis

Through this process and results, our designers and key product stakeholders will make informed decisions about creating a user experience that not only meets but also exceeds user expectations and outperforms the competition.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the foundation of a well-structured and user-friendly digital product. Building it, we establish the framework for practical navigation, content access, and overall usability. Our UI/UX experts will help your users interact with digital interfaces more intuitively and efficiently by carefully designing the IA.


See and feel your future product! With our wireframes, we do visual representations or blueprints of a web page, mobile app screen, or software interface that communicate the layout and functionality of the user interface without delving into visual design details like colors and images.

Moodboard & Branding

Our Moodboards will help us set the visual direction and mood for a UI/UX project, while Branding ensures consistency, recognition, and a unique identity. Both elements play a significant role in creating an appealing and user-friendly digital experience.

UI Kit & Mockups

Let us create UI kits - collections of pre-designed interface elements that facilitate design consistency to make future implementation clear and efficient. Also, our mockups will visualize the representations of your product user interface that help convey design concepts and gather feedback. These resources contribute to effective UI/UX design and development processes.

Stories & Case Studies

Explore how we transform each business challenge into a compelling success story. Dive into our curated collection of case studies to witness how we navigate complexities, implement high-quality solutions, and turn every journey into a testament to success.