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01TransportationWe develop custom solutions to optimize routes, manage vehicle fleets, and enable real-time tracking, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our solutions also enhance communication between drivers, dispatchers, and customers, ensuring timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. Additionally, you will collect valuable analytics data to make informed decisions to streamline operations and effectively meet industry challenges.
02WarehousingWe create tailored warehouse management systems (WMS) that enhance inventory control, automate processes, and improve order fulfillment. Our WMS solutions can incorporate features like barcode scanning, RFID tracking, and real-time inventory visibility to increase accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations. Also, integrating the WMS with other logistics software could enable seamless coordination between transportation, inventory management, and order processing.
03Inventory ManagementWe design and build customized systems that enable real-time tracking, reduce stock imbalances, and optimize supply chains. We leverage technologies like RFID and IoT sensors to provide accurate inventory data and incorporate predictive algorithms for demand forecasting, automating tasks and improving overall efficiency. Our expertise uniquely positions us to deliver tailored inventory management solutions that streamline operations and reduce costs.
04Supply Chain ManagementOur comprehensive software solutions enable end-to-end visibility, demand forecasting, route optimization, and vendor collaboration. By leveraging technologies like blockchain and AI, these solutions enhance transparency, reduce operational costs, and ensure efficient goods movement. We empower logistics businesses to streamline operations, reduce risks, and respond effectively to market demands, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness.
05Reverse LogisticsWe build custom solutions that streamline product returns, refurbishment, recycling, and disposal processes. We help businesses efficiently handle returned goods, manage warranty claims, and optimize inventory. By implementing real-time tracking and reporting features, our solutions enhance visibility into the reverse logistics supply chain, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, By developing tailored reverse logistics software ensures a more sustainable and cost-effective approach for logistics companies.
06Last-Mile DeliveryOur team design and implement route optimization software that minimizes delivery times, reduces fuel consumption, and enhances overall efficiency. We can develop user-friendly mobile applications for drivers to navigate routes efficiently, capture electronic proof of delivery, and provide real-time updates to customers. Through this, logistics companies enhance customer experiences, reduce delivery costs, and improve on-time performance in the critical last-mile segment. Using our expertise, you will effectively meet the demands of modern e-commerce and supply chain operations.
07Order FulfillmentBy creating customized order management systems we streamline the entire order-to-fulfillment workflow. This includes order processing, inventory management, and coordination of shipments. Integrating these systems with e-commerce platforms ensure real-time order updates and inventory accuracy. Additionally, they can implement automation solutions like robotics and AI to speed up order picking and packing, reducing fulfillment times. Our software-driven enhancements result in faster, more accurate order fulfillment, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings for logistics companies.
08Third-Party Logistics (3PL)We develop solutions that automate order processing, improve inventory management, and enhance shipment tracking, resulting in faster and more accurate order deliveries. With the integration of advanced technologies like AI and data analytics, we ensures that logistics companies can meet customer demands efficiently and cost-effectively.

Some of technologies


Challenges we solve

Route Optimization

Inefficient route planning can lead to increased fuel costs and delays. Our expertise in developing route optimization algorithms can help your company reduce transportation expenses and improve delivery timelines.

Regulatory Compliance

We build solutions that follow regulations and compliance requirements, which can vary by region and jurisdiction. Adhering to these regulations is critical for us to avoid legal issues and maintain customer trust.

Supply Chain Visibility

Many logistics companies struggle with achieving real-time visibility into their entire supply chain. Here, we coul develop your custom tracking and monitoring systems powered by IoT and data analytics to provide comprehensive visibility, helping companies make informed decisions.

Customer Experience

We develop customer-centric platforms and mobile apps that enhance communication, tracking, and transparency, leading to improved customer satisfaction — the goal is to provide excellent customer experiences.

Environmental Sustainability

With increased emphasis on sustainability, logistics companies seek eco-friendly solutions. We can assist in implementing green logistics practices and technologies, such as electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.

Integration of Emerging Technologies

Keeping up with emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT is crucial for staying competitive. We streamline operations and gain a competitive edge through these technologies and approaches.

How to

Find the exact solution you need with our tech and business specialists. Discover what should be done, why, and how to improve it even before the start of development.
Each product undergoes meticulous designing, including conceptualization, prototyping, and creating the refined product model.
Our team of experienced and passionate developers realizes and tailors the solution, making it perfect.
Our QA engineers scrutinize every corner of the product, ensuring it works flawlessly and seamlessly.
Support & Maintenance
Support & Maintenance
We provide broad support and maintenance throughout the process, including bug fixes, continuous refinement, staff education, and more.
Our rockstar release team ensures that the product is launched smoothly and is immediately available for users.

Out of the box

Delivery Management

You will have a delivery manager who guarantees that our results match your expectations and that every teammate understands the business needs and values they deliver and is involved in your project according to agreements.


Software testing is a fundamental approach to keeping an eye on functionality state. We develop unit tests in the scope of features, which help us to track collisions and bugs and avoid them in delivering results.


We treat security as one of the most essential parts while designing software architecture and implementing business logic. In most cases, you don't need to agree with us on the separate scope of the security implementation since our software goes secured out of the box using the latest OWASP information about vulnerabilities and cyber threats.


Based on your business expectations, we design and implement cloud or on-premise infrastructure that serves your software in the best performance and most cost-efficient way.


Throughout the development lifetime, we keep the functional specification up to date. In parallel, the API layer will be covered with an automated approach to document, which will simplify your future integrations.


We practice weekly or biweekly sprints that require planning and acceptance sessions, where you will get clear reports regarding the results and future development plans. Also, you could control the acceptance sessions and decide the task status based on the definition of done criteria.

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