• Java Developer


      Fin-tech platform to build finance data statistics, analytics, and forecasts. BigData computing and visualization, the complex mathematical engine with custom extensions and expressions.


    • Spring Boot

    • Spring Framework

    • Spring MVC

    • Thymeleaf

    • Spring Integration

    • Apache Kafka

    • Spark

    • Flink

    • Spring Cloud

    • Maria DB

    • SQL Server

    • Graylog

    • JIRA

    • Confluence

    • Subversion & Git

    • Gradle & Maven

    • Bamboo & Jenkins

    • ZAProxy

    • SoapUI

    • ReadyAPI​

  • Python Developer


      The data processing toolset is built with Python, using Pandas library for ETL and Django for a helper web application. You will also work with various databases, such as Oracle, RedShift, MySQL, and MariaDB.


    • Python core: syntax and main concepts (data structures, unit testing, logging)

    • Pandas: 

      • Data Frames and operations with them - aggregation, transformation, grouping, etc.

      • Reading and writing to different sources (csv, xlsx, DB), 

      • Data visualization libraries (plotly, matplotlib)

    • A Basic understanding of relational DBs and SQL

    • Django framework: application structure and basic concepts

    • Understanding of HTTP protocol and communication via REST API

  • Angular Developer


      The multitenant platform for dynamic construction of layouts for robots (in general it is a form with a dynamic number of inputs) including other configurations. A robot is an automated algorithmic process that replaces human actions.


    • Angular 11

    • RxJs

    • Observable

    • Promises

    • Angular JWT Authentication

    • NG-ZORRO

    • Angular socket io

  • Full Stack, Node.JS Developer


      A platform that is called to replace typical CVs that people continuously need to support and update to a modern solution that allows creating visualizations of the experience and present key metrics to everyone.   


    • Full-Stack Development – ​Client and server development

    • Product management – ​Planning sprints and tasks

    • DevOps – ​Continuous delivery with high software quality.

    Soft skills:


    • Reliable

    • Meticulous

    • Effective

    • Team player

    • Problem-solving

    • Willingness to learn

    • Innovative

    • Creative

    Technical skills

    • Node.js

    • MongoDB

    • React

    • HTML, JavaScript, CSS

    • Git

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