Cheddar: the Complete Online Billing Software

Cheddar: the Complete Online Billing Software

Cheddar offers a complete billing solution for your business. From managing invoices, and subscriptions, to sending payment reminders to getting paid online, Cheddar supports all the features required to manage your billing online.

IndustryFinancial Services
CooperationDedicated Team
Duration05.2022 - 04.2023
Team Size7

About Client

The startup company that aimed to build a market game-changing product based on the best user experience and most required accountancy & financial functionalities to serve all critical business needs.



Matt Busse

Founder &

“Jappware provides excellent service that has led to an ongoing relationship. They are able to manage deadlines and communicate effectively. In order to combat the time difference, the team is willing to stay late or come in early, which has been appreciated by the client.”


Cheddar offers a complete billing solution for your business. From managing invoices and subscriptions to sending payment reminders to getting paid online, Cheddar supports all the features required to manage your billing online.

Customer managementFunctionality to manage customers and track their payment statistic
Subscription ManagementHandle your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end. Automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions, send professional invoices, and get paid on time every time.
Business ManagementYour Product and Services management that could be used in further billing tasks
BillingInvoice Management & Processing


The client needed a strong dedicated team with a deep understanding of accounting system workflow and expertise in payment system development to catch up with their vision of the final product and assist with requirements design, UI/UX investigation, and further solution implementation, including advanced cloud infrastructure to satisfy high security and scalability levels.

Challenges We Faced

  • Only a minimal amount of high-level requirements from the customer during the entire project lifecycle
  • Absence of a qualified Product Manager or Business Analyst familiar with the domain
  • Limited customer’s availability

Value Delivery Path

Our dedicated team cooperation model allows us to ensure an optimal team composition and streamlined communication and to take full responsibility for the quality and delivery timeline at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Thanks to the focus on long-term cooperation, we ensure our engineers become experts in the client’s business domain, amplifying the business value we bring to the client.



Discovery of the business needs and challenges


Receive and negotiate the vision and requirements


Research and hire result-oriented talents on the market that fit expectations


We've made a deep investigation of the competitors and built a brand new custom design using the best experience on the market


Continuously investigate and improve the delivery process and customer satisfaction


Contribute maximum effort to bring better results than expected


UI/UX DesignThroughout the deep competitors’ analysis, we’ve learned and designed the best market User Experience and designed a User Interface according to it and best practices.
Front-end DevelopmentUsing cutting-edge technologies, we’ve implemented a robust, rapidly fast, and responsive single-page application as a web application to render data quickly and provide the same UX on different devices and browsers.
Back-end DevelopmentWe’ve prioritized data privacy and security when designing architecture and implementing the server side. As a result, we’ve built a micro-services distributed platform that provides high availability and fault tolerance during the data processing jobs.
DevOpsWe’ve implemented a Database cluster with custom configurations to meet our data type and read/write conditions. Also, using the CI/CD, we’ve reached great results in collaboration with multiple engineers worldwide and a simple release cycle.


Spring Boot


The jappware team has built the product MVP despite all the communicational constraints.
The multitenant MVP system features: - customer self-enrollment; - product catalog; - invoicing; - credit card and ACH payment processing with Usio (one-time, scheduled, recurring) - reporting. - subscription management;
Jappware team set up a cloud-based IaaC-backed secure infrastructure.
Jappware’s designer crafted an eye-catching and clean UI/UX design.


Jappware’s dedicated team has enabled client’s product sales with a fully-fledged MVP of an accounting system with a modern-looking UI, well-thought User Experience and secure infrastructure.