Generative AI: Search Intelligence

Generative AI: Search Intelligence

Deliver more value to your customers by incorporating Large Language Models into your products and services

CooperationDedicated Team
DurationSince 2023 and till today
Team Size4-6

Client intro

A young start-up that revolutionizes the Search experience with Generative AI. Their mission is to help businesses overcome the problem of irrelevant and zero search results by incorporating state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) into product search.

The client's company understands the frustration and revenue loss caused by irrelevant or zero search results. Our LLM-powered solutions enhanced with vector databases analyze customer queries like humans do and ensure that your customers find exactly what they’re looking for. This results in improved customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, and higher business growth.

$300BLose through ineffective searches
70%Irrelevant results
66%Sites couldn't handle queries


Irena Stetska

Co-Founder, CEOGenAI Startup

“Jappware consistently delivered on schedule and closely monitored each deliverable through spring demos and reviews. They prioritized quality and timelines, consistently meeting expectations. Their strong engineering culture aligned closely with the client’s engineering practices.”


Streamlining LLM technologies to accelerate key business metrics with AI-enhanced functionality.

AI-powered searchEngage loyal customers through AI-powered search
Search ResultsEliminate low and zero search results, increasing the likelihood of customers making a purchase


01With a small core team there is a need to speedup development significantly to release a production ready version in a 2 months
02Stakeholders required experienced Team to handle integrations with clients platforms
03The Partner aimed to enhance product’s user experience by improving the interfaces, simplifying navigation, and adding features to increase user-friendliness and appeal

Challenges we faced

  • Needed pace start of development to transform an idea into a market-ready product
  • Rapidly fast introduction to the new AI-related business domain and tech-stack
  • Built cloud-agnostic architecture to allow products to be used in different security regulation areas
  • The product required easy-to-integrate and roll-out customer-end modules such as advisor and external search
  • Avoid lock-in and reduce the effort to switch between open-source LLMs, fine-tuned LLMs, and proprietary solutions
  • Provide users with an observability module to control API usage, cost to keep operations efficient

Our working flow

Providing team augmentation services, we grant a flexible approach to structure our team, a fast and predictable hiring pipeline, a trustful delivery process, and a business requirements investigation strategy.



Discovery the business needs and challenges


Design and agree on the business requirements and technical specification


Propose the best and result-oriented talents on the market that fit expectations


Build a synergy between our and client’s engineers


Continuously investigate and improve the delivery process and customer satisfaction


Continuous process of result delivery with maximal transparency of the ongoing development status


UI/UX DesignThroughout the deep competitors’ analysis, we’ve learned and designed the best market User Experience and designed a User Interface according to it and best practices.
Front-end DevelopmentUsing cutting-edge technologies, we’ve implemented a robust, rapidly fast, and responsive single-page application as a web application to render data quickly and provide the same UX on different devices and browsers.
Back-end DevelopmentWe’ve built a rapidly fast server-side logic to serve loads of search requests and process them through the LLM to enrich results with ML insights.
IntegrationsWe’ve built a robust approach to integrating our system with financial data providers using a highly secure method and passing an internal audit and verification process.
LLMDesigned and implemented a custom Large Language Model that could be applicable to different data sources and adopted to perform high-quality search requests.
DevOpsUsing IaaC solutions, we build a highly scalable and fault-tolerance cloud infrastructure to handle tons of requests per second with minimal latency.




GenAI Platform
A new platform, developed from scratch, becomes the first step most businesses will take to benefit from generative AI.
Increasing Retention Solution
The solution covers E-Commerce Businesses, Enterprise Organisations, and Digital Marketing Agencies’ requirements, providing secure and reliable systems to increase retention, customer satisfaction, sales, and data accuracy, present correct patterns, and develop efficient strategies.


Our team has built a market-ready product utilizing the power of Vector databases and Large Language Models to increase the quality of search and provide customers with tailored recommendations. At this moment, our impact is valued as a strategic partnership and included in the strategic view of the Client team.