Lean-Case: Create your revenue model and growth business plan

Lean-Case: Create your revenue model and growth business plan

Lean-Case provides a Business Planning Workspace that is built from the ground up for any corporation and its projects, for any consulting company and its clients and for any investor and its portfolio companies to apply a standard approach to modeling, planning and tracking also enabling access to benchmarks.

webUI/UXdevOpspaymentsBack EndfinTechJavaSpring FrameworkMySQLAngularAWS
IndustryFinancial Services
CooperationDedicated Team
DurationSince 2015 till today
Team Size5

About Client

Lean-Case targets decision-making businesses that consult, incubate, mentor, or manage a portfolio of clients/projects/startups, primarily consulting firms, corporate innovation units, accelerators and incubators, and investors. Their strategic partnership with BCG Digital Ventures proves the substantial demand. Decision Maker and projects alike are looking for processes and tools that allow users without a financial background to focus on creating and discussing realistic business models – accurately and quickly – while presenting information in an investor-friendly format

>10Times faster in financial modeling
All InKeep your Business Model in one place
MultipleBusiness scenarios with actual state tracking approach


Eckhard Ortwein

Founder & CEOLean-Case

I’ve been very happy with the quality of the work that they have provided. They also come up with their own ideas, which makes them a good sounding board for anything that we are thinking about adding to the product. They consistently demonstrate their commitment to the work, which I really appreciate.


Solutions and Services

Business PlanLean-Case's business plan blueprints help you quickly set up a plan that fits your business. Questions onboard you through the process and make sure that the essential information is added.
Financial ModelingUncover your financial situation even without a financial background and focus on the essential features.
Scenarios PlanningPlay with multiple business scenarios and track your plan vs. actuals.


01A need for a dedicated team to build a product from scratch based on an Excel PoC Template.
02A team with a deep understanding of the financial domain that could understand requirements, propose ideas, and validate financial results.
03A strict deadline for market release with an extensive list of features required for implementation.
04Flexible and adaptable development process to swiftly accommodate the rapid changes in dynamic market conditions.

Challenges we faced

  • The Development Team needed to quickly grasp and understand the Financial domain (Terminology, Finance Formulas, Reports, Metrics, etc.)
  • Build a customizable calculation engine to satisfy multiple business models, including a mechanism for manual formula adoption based on each particular business.
  • The team had to adapt quickly to changing priorities and show a strong alignment with the ever-evolving project objectives.
  • Building a functionality for data sharing and online collaboration between different people and workspaces.

Our working flow

Providing dedicated team services, we grant a flexible approach to structure our team, a fast and predictable hiring pipeline, a trustful delivery process, and a business requirements investigation strategy.



Discovery of the business needs and current phase

Scope & Requirements

Agree on the development scope & business requirements


Compile a result-oriented team from the top talents on the market


Continuously investigate and improve the delivery process and customer satisfaction


Continuous process of result delivery with maximal transparency of the ongoing development status


Front-end DevelopmentUsing cutting-edge technologies, we’ve implemented a robust, rapidly fast, and responsive web application to render data quickly, allowing users to interact and play with data in real-time mode and provide the same UX on different devices and browsers.
Back-end DevelopmentWe’ve prioritized data privacy and security when designing architecture and implementing the server side. As a result, we’ve built a multitenant secured application that demonstrates high availability and fault tolerance 24/7 without any downtime windows, even during the maintenance process.
DevOpsWe've implemented a fault-tolerant and auto-scalable infrastructure to serve all requests with minimal latency, as well as provide an Infrastructure As a Code implementation. Also, the CI/CD pipelines allow our distributed team act independently and demonstrate good performance during
API IntegrationHandled a bunch of different API integrations using multiple data formats and communication protocols and satisfying throughput & latency requirements.


Google Analytics

Results of our work

New Product
We build a product in time and with high-quality user experience and interface that successfully work and assist many businesses in their journey.
Strong Team
We've built a team that has become a part of the client's company ecosystem. A team that acts as a partner and implements new features according to expectations as well as provide their ideas and vision to improve product and continuously
We built a separate database architecture to store multitenant data privately and securely with the ability to share and collaborate on the data if that is allowed and needed.
We provide continuous product development and infrastructure support, including metrics audit and logs analysis.
Payment Processing
We've integrated an app with a payment processing system that allows users to pay and track invoices as well as manage their subscription plan.
Tests & Documentation
We've covered a source code for more than 80% of unit tests, including an automation approach to validate main features continuously. Also, we've built detailed functional and test documentation.


Our team helped Lean-Case to grow from an idea and PoC to a robust product. We acted as a part of the client's team and brought synergy to the decision-making process. Our client can plan and do his regular business by relying on us in the scope of new feature delivery and product maintenance. 

At this moment Lean-Case is a successful product that keeps growing and improving with every new feature release.