Lending | Score: Powering Mortgages

Lending | Score: Powering Mortgages

Lending Score is a startup company that revolutionizes the financial services industry, enabling a more customer-centric approach and fostering unprecedented innovation.

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IndustryFinancial Services
CooperationDedicated Team
DurationSince 2019 and till today
Team Size5

About Client

Lending Score is a startup company that revolutionizes the financial services industry, enabling a more customer-centric approach and fostering unprecedented innovation.

The company offers services for Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Conveyancers, allowing to transform the mortgage application process, reducing the time it takes to obtain a mortgage from weeks to mere minutes:

8 yearsOf financial dataset
<60Seconds to get offers


Luke Saint

CEO & FoudnerLending Score

“The functionality of the platform is tricky to explain even to an industry expert. Trying to explain it to someone who’s never done mortgages is even tougher, but they’ve done well. There’s nothing I could say that they could do better. I’m pleased with them. They’re motivated, and they want to help.”

Lending Score

Solutions and Services

Financial DataInstant Access to Customer Financial Data
Risk AssessmentAutomated Underwriting and Risk Assessment
EnhancementEnhanced Customer Experience with Mortgage industry


01Collecting, analyzing, and processing bank statements is a manual and time-consuming job.
02High risk of making a mistake and building an inefficient mortgage or re-mortgage plan.
03Complex and dynamic bank rules affect performance and result quality.
04Financial statements are cluttered with lots of irrelevant information.

Challenges We Faced

  • The MVP version must be implemented within just a few months. The MVP must include integration with a credit agency API, support multiple tenants, and multiple users within a tenant.
  • The system must adhere to the regulatory requirements and protect PII and bank data in transit and at rest.
  • Security and observability are the key requirements.
  • There must be a way to certify statements’ genuineness.

Value Delivery Path

Our dedicated team cooperation model allows us to ensure an optimal team composition and streamlined communication and to take full responsibility for the quality and delivery timeline.

Thanks to the focus on long-term cooperation, we ensure our engineers become experts in the client’s business domain, amplifying the business value we bring to the client.



Discovery of the business needs and challenges


Receive and negotiate the vision and requirements


Research and hire result oriented talents on the market that fit expectations


Continuously investigate and improve the delivery process and customer satisfaction


Contribute maximum effort to bring better resul


UI/UX DesignThroughout the deep competitors’ analysis, we’ve learned and designed the best market User Experience and designed a User Interface according to it and best practices.
Front-end DevelopmentUsing cutting-edge technologies, we’ve implemented a robust, rapidly fast, and responsive single-page application as a web application to render data quickly and provide the same UX on different devices and browsers.
Back-end DevelopmentWe’ve prioritized data privacy and security when designing architecture and implementing the server side. As a result, we’ve built a micro-services distributed platform that provides high availability and fault tolerance during the data processing jobs.
DevOpsWe’ve implemented a Database cluster with custom configurations to meet our data type and read/write conditions. Also, using the CI/CD, we’ve reached great results in collaboration with multiple engineers worldwide and a simple release cycle.


Spring Boot
Bitbucket Pipeline

Solutions We Built

Built a robust and secure service integrated with a credit agency, allowing it to generate several types of bank statements in a matter of seconds.
Document Management
Integrate with a third-party Digital Sign Service to ensure data integrity and create tamper-proof documents.
Encrypted in-memory storage to grant rapid access and high data protection in runtime.
The IaaC-backed infrastructure ensures business continuity, strong security with data separation, and smooth delivery of new features.
Complete development life-cycle management, business analysis, project management and delivery process.


Our team facilitated the customer’s prompt entry into the market by successfully delivering a fully operational MVP within the designated timeframe. This enabled the customer to swiftly roll out their service, leveraging the adaptable technical solution we provided. The solution’s flexible architecture ensures easy integration of new features, equipping the customer to respond effectively to evolving market demands and opportunities.

A client attracted first paid clients during the first month after a production release.