Mortgage and Lending Technologies. Banking with You in Mind

Mortgage and Lending Technologies. Banking with You in Mind

We are building mortgage and lending technologies for brokers to simplify complex finance and credit cases and help people struggling to get a mortgage with bank lenders directly.

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IndustryFinancial Services
CooperationDedicated Team
DurationSince 2019 and till today
Team Size6

About Client

Our client is a team of mortgage industry experts honored as finalists at the prestigious British Mortgage Awards in 2020 and holding the title of Best Complex Broker at the British Specialist Awards in 2018 and 2019.

They offer a personal, secure experience with no call centers or faceless experts. They assign their clients a dedicated adviser from start to finish, ensuring you find the best mortgage solution and trusted lenders for your unique needs.

> 80 Supported Lenders
> 1000 Successfully Funded Loans
4.93Excellent rate (out of 5)


Luke Saint

Founder & CEOMortgage Thoughts Limited

“The functionality of the platform is tricky to explain even to an industry expert. Trying to explain it to someone who’s never done mortgages is even tougher, but they’ve done well. There’s nothing I could say that they could do better. I’m really happy with them. They’re motivated and they want to help.”

Mortgage Thoughts Limited

Solutions and Services

As a financial organization specializing in mortgages and lending, our client operates with the latest banking products and recent personal financial information to find the best products for their client's next mortgage or re-mortgage operations. 


Mortgage and re-mortgage advisory services using recent banking products and detailed financial information.

Bad Credits

Solves “bad credits” cases, proposing the optimal solutions and assisting with further steps and decisions.


Mortgage eligibility check requires a vast amount of manual work and time.
The client needs a fintech solution aimed at giving people the likelihood of their mortgage being approved before they apply — pre-application eligibility.
Low call conversion and not enough competitive advantages.
Insufficient mortgage applications processing capacity.
Many complex bank product rules could result in wrong advice and decisions.
Too much paperwork on the client side collecting their financial reports.

Challenges we faced

Building a brand new financial software to automate mortgage advising goes in parallel with robust security as integration with banking products sources and financial institutions goes together with sensitive information that requires to be stored for a fixed amount of time and be encrypted even if it stays in memory. The complex bank rules require a mechanism to create a flexible comparison and ranking engine that could determine the best mortgage products on the market according to the recent financial state of each particular person.

  • Implement complicated business rules for data collection and processing.
  • Support hundreds of possible application form-filling paths.
  • Adhere to the regulatory requirements and protect PII and bank data in transit and at rest.
  • Security and observability are the key requirements.
  • Customizable financial data solving & scoring engine.

Our working flow

Our dedicated team cooperation model allows us to ensure an optimal team composition and streamlined communication and to take full responsibility for the quality and delivery timeline at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Thanks to the focus on long-term cooperation, we ensure our engineers become experts in the financial business domain, amplifying the business value we bring to the client.



Discovery the business needs and challenges


Design and agree on the business requirements and technical specification


Propose the best and result-oriented talents on the market that fit expectations


Continuously investigate and improve the delivery process and customer satisfaction


Continuous process of result delivery with maximal transparency of the ongoing development status


UI/UX Design

Throughout the deep competitors’ analysis, we’ve learned and designed the best market User Experience and designed a User Interface according to it and best practices.

Front-end Development

Using cutting-edge technologies, we’ve implemented a robust, rapidly fast, and responsive single-page application as a web application to render data quickly and provide the same UX on different devices and browsers.

Back-end Development

We’ve prioritized data privacy and security when designing architecture and implementing the server side. As a result, we’ve built a micro-services distributed platform that provides high availability and fault tolerance during the data processing jobs.


We’ve built a robust approach to integrating our system with financial data providers using a highly secure method and passing an internal audit and verification process.


Working with private financial data requires top security approaches to protect and separate data. We are proud that external security auditors verified our solution and were highly rated.




New System
Jappware’s team has built a robust, flexible, secure microservices-based financial system. This system integrates with major credit agencies to empower the advanced algorithm that analyses your financial and credit history, including different payment circumstances against the criteria of several bank lenders, to find the best mortgage deals for you.
High Security
Jappware’s team, in cooperation with security experts, developed, documented, tested, and maintained a security framework (a set of security policies), ensuring the sensitive data is accessible only to authorized parties. The system regularly undertakes penetration testing to ensure data protection and business continuity.


Our dedicated team has created a fintech solution for mortgage eligibility from scratch. In addition to the technical solution, we have put valuable business ideas on the table that significantly increased the client's conversion rate from tool usage to actual client calls. The system became a technical foundation for new projects.