The speed of the development, product quality and reasonable monetary cost are the factors that affect the successful result in the IT sector indeed. Corresponding this, dedicated teams are a one-size-fits-all solution to company issues related to the custom software development. Companies decide to hire a dedicated team in Ukraine to gain the specific tech expertise, or expand to a new market. However, why is IT outsourcing one of the most popular ways of solving technical issues today? The thing is that dedicated teams are favorably compared with in-house employees.

Let's see what a dedicated team is and why it's a good idea to hire a software development team for your promising project.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated team is a partnership model in which the group of hired specialists works on the technical project according to the requirements and wishes of the client. In fact, you work with the dedicated team as well as with your full-time staff, while freeing yourself from solving administrative issues.

This cooperation model is suitable for both startups and experienced corporations. You can take the advantage of software dedicated teams if you are desperate for the software development, but don't have full-time developers or already have an in-house team, though for some reason that is unable to do the required work. A dedicated team cooperates with the client throughout the existence of the project and most fully shows its advantages in long-term projects.


Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

If your business requires software development for hiring, then the dedicated team is actually a good match. The advantages of this partnership model justify its popularity among the companies throughout the world.

Cost-effectiveness. This model helps companies to save money on product development by lowering the cost of finding engineers and organizing the workflow. The team members already have the working tools and other facilities for the implementation of your project. A software development company (company software development), as a vendor, solves issues related to the hiring, taxes, documents, workspace, and the professional development of its engineers independently.

Rapid hiring. Customarily, it takes from 8 up to 12 weeks to build an in-house team. With dedicated teams, this process will be much faster. For instance, with Jappware you can get a ready-made team in a couple of weeks.


Expertise. The team consists of experienced employees who have already dealt with similar technical tasks and can brag about an outstanding skillset.
Flexibility. Your team follows your requirements. Dedicated teams are easily scaled so that you will get the required specialists for the elaboration of the technical solutions quickly. Likewise, you can scale down the team or replace a member if you need to cut costs or shift the focus.

Strong engagement. Engineers guarantee 100% involvement in working on your tasks and follow you from beginning to end.

Transparent control. Control your dedicated team as if it were your full-time employees sitting in your company's office. You can communicate with the developers directly and receive reports on the work accomplished as appropriate.

How to Hire a Dedicated Team: Members to Consider

The main condition for a company that has decided to hire a dedicated team is to determine the desired result since the specifics of the group structure depend solely on your needs. By turning to the software development company in Ukraine like Jappware you will gain access to the best technical talents in Eastern Europe. To ensure a full development cycle, the dedicated team brings together experts from different IT areas.

Project Manager (PM). This is an expert who organizes the workflow, distributes tasks, supervises the development process, and ensures coordination with the client.
Business Analysts (BA). Analyzing the client’s business needs, BA provides the correct vector of internal processes and sets up tasks for other members.
Developers. These are the main gears in the group mechanism who write the program code. Front-end developers elaborate the external part of the product, while Back-end developers are responsible for the internal side.

UI/ UX designers. They visualize the product by designing the interface.

Quality Assurance Engineers (QA). They monitor the quality of the product, test it for errors and ensure compliance with the established requirements.
Depending on the client’s objective, a dedicated team can also include DevOps Engineers, Mobile Developers, Data Scientists, Solutions Architect, and other experts.
If you have any questions about software development services, Jappware will be happy to answer them and assist in solving them.