Creating an intuitive and attractive design is a key moment in the software development process because this factor affects its popularity and the number of customers after release. That’s why many UI & UX design services companies spend a lot of time looking for professionals who will make the top interface! In the article, we have collected all the information that will allow you to choose a qualified designer — read to the end!

Essential Things to Pay Attention Hiring UI Designers

It`s impossible to find the ideal specialist without preliminary analysis of the product being developed. Then, experts recommend spending enough time to determine the professional and personal qualities of the designer who will work on the software interface — a detailed list will allow you to quickly filter out unsuitable candidates. Let’s talk about soft and hard skills in more detail.
Eight Must-Have Hard Skills for UI Designers
Interviewing for the UX & UI design specialist, ensure the candidate understands eight nuances:

  1. Usability. A potential employee must understand the principles of learnability, efficiency, memorability, and workability to create a user-friendly interface.
  2. Visual hierarchy. Some page elements are always more important than others — the designer has to understand this and pay enough attention to priority features.
  3. Adaptive design. A responsive interface is a guarantee that the customer will continue to use the product in the future.
  4. Layout design. The professional must work effectively with an arrangement of all the elements on the page to get a comfortable structure.
  5. Typographic features. The chosen typeface and font directly affect the perception of the product, so the specialist must understand the basics of typography.
  6. Animation. The designer has to understand animation and use it not just to entertain clients, but to improve the usability of the interface and reduce the users` cognitive load.
  7. Testing. A potential employee must understand the principles of testing digital products — ask about popular testing methodologies & ability to work with feedback.
  8. Tools & Workflow. The last important requirement is the ability to use basic and additional tools — check what the specialist used at the previous job and what design process models were commonly used.

Three Crucial Soft Skills for UI Designers

In addition, soft skills are also important:

  • empathy for the needs of the customer and the end product user;
  • curiosity and interest in changes that allow you to expand the possibilities of competence;
  • excellent communication skills that will increase the effectiveness of teamwork.

Where To Search for Specialists?

Here are a few platforms that allow you to quickly and conveniently find a UX & UI design specialist:

  1. Behance (database: 15 million profiles) is a kind of social network that can attract a lot of artists from different directions. Most accounts have a portfolio, so you can contact the candidates you like directly or just post a job and wait for a response.
  2. Dribbble (database: 12 million profiles) is a social network similar to Behance, but it is primarily aimed at graphic artists. The platform has a convenient advanced search, the reaction to a vacancy usually collects about 1 thousand responses.
  3. Upwork (database: 300 thousand profiles) is the most famous platform for finding freelance specialists with a fixed or hourly wage. You can easily communicate with all candidates and choose the right one.

In addition, HRs can use Fiverr or 99Designs to find employees — these platforms are also popular among graphic and web designers.

Salary Issues: How Much to Pay?

Salaries in a UI & UX design and development company directly depend on the specialization, competence and skills of a specialist. The country they work in also has an impact, because according to Glassdoor, Indeed and PayScale, the annual salary can range from $3.9k (India) to $74.7k (UK).

Should I Consider Outsourcing Specialists?

After the pandemic, many companies have realized that freelancing and outsourcing are as effective as having a full-time specialist. This allows reducing the time spent searching for a specialist by shifting some of the worries to an outsourcing company. Also, outsourced designers usually look at the project more objectively and offer fresher ideas.

Why Outsource Ukrainian UI Designers?

Today many global companies prefer to hire Ukrainian UI designers because the IT sector of this country is developing at a cosmic speed — presently Ukraine is in 4th place in the world in terms of the number of qualified IT specialists. Plus, local specialists speak English at the B2 level, show incredible skill and require a salary of about 700-800 dollars a month — these are excellent conditions!

Famous Projects Made by Fulcrum Outsource UI Designers

If you are still in doubt about choosing outsourcers for a UI UX design and development company, then you should at least recall a few vivid examples of successful projects — Fulcrum regularly sees the success of outsourced designers working in Israel, the UK, Switzerland, Norway and other countries! For example, BUFF with 1.3+ million users or Bloss, which helps thousands of parents connect with professionals and make lifestyle adjustments. As experts say, success is inevitable in any case if a company works with professionals and involves the most motivated team!


Is it efficient to hire an outsource UI designer?
Of course. Usually, hiring an outsourced designer is more cost effective as the company doesn’t have to spend time on additional newbie training and the hiring process itself. Plus, outsourcing companies often take on the lion’s share of the risks and responsibility for the result of the work.

How can I hire a specialist?
You can find a suitable designer using a variety of convenient platforms. For example, Design Crowd, Crowd Spring, Designhill or the ones we mentioned above (Behance, Dribbble, Upwork, 99Designs, Fiverr).

How much does a UI UX design services company pay designers?
There is no fixed salary — its amount depends on many different factors. However, if the company decides to hire a Ukrainian designer, then it will be necessary to pay at on average, $1500