🚀 Friends, we are happy to invite you for a short intro movie watching. You will meet our CEO, Andriy Rymar, and hear about the company, our short story, and differentiation.

🤝 Jappware is a place for the client's business. We put pressure to bring value, look into the roots, and solve problems through innovative solutions.

Andriy's comment about this video:

😎 Friends, having no chance to travel when and where you want - is quite tough.

🤗 That's why we made an Intro Video about Jappware. You can hear about us, our short story, and our differentiation here.

👨‍💻 Being a software engineer for many years, having just a technical background and education, I realize how hard it is to run your business, grow it and make it sustainable. However, thanks to my teammates, clients, and now Business School, I clearly feel and see the difference in how Jappware was found, what makes it successful, and what value we create.

😇 I would happily hear your feedback, read your comments, and answer questions. Enjoy the short intro of Jappware ;)

😇 Have a nice watching, and feel free to leave your comments and contact us for further discussion.