Thanks to the possibility of remote work, each client can find a qualified specialist or an entire team from any corner of the world and cooperate with them 24/7. At the moment, one of the largest technological centers with a mass of top developers is Ukraine — this country has been considered the European Silicon Valley for a long time. Let’s see why the local IT sector is so attractive to international investors and how to choose the most competent specialists.

About the Ukrainian IT Sector

According to the statistics from the State of European Tech (2019), Ukraine ranks ninth among European countries in terms of the total number of programmers. Generally, the country has a huge talent pool: at the moment there are 1000+ Ukrainian outsourcing companies and every year the IT market grows by 20%. Moreover, 17% of specialists are individual workers and work on a freelance basis — customers have the opportunity to assemble a dedicated team that will cooperate with them on a long-term basis.

Why Are Ukrainian Developers So in Demand Now?

Ukraine has one of the fastest growing IT sectors over the past 10 years — both the number of companies and the number of top specialists are growing. However, the huge range of professionals is not the only reason to choose Ukrainian developers. Here are some other important benefits:

  • The hallmark of Ukrainian developers is creativity and unusual approach to every task. These specialists offer non-standard solutions and bring to life their clients’ most complex ideas.
  • Very high competence — back in the Soviet days, Ukraine was considered the technological center of the entire union. In almost every major city there are specialized universities and colleges, so most IT specialists have a college degree. In addition, almost all outsourcing companies offer employees additional courses to improve their qualifications.
  • High skill and versatility — Ukrainian programmers regularly work on a variety of projects, so they are fully competent in different technologies.
  • Favorable salary requirements — as a rule, the required salary for a Ukrainian specialist is 20% less than for a Western European worker (despite the fact that the skill of a Ukrainian developer is usually higher).
  • Fluent English — all IT specialists speak English at least on an intermediate level, which simplifies communication between the team and the employer.


Additionally, Ukraine has a very convenient time zone — the time difference with European clients is no more than 1-2 hours.

How to Hire a Great Team?

If you are interested in hiring a team of Ukrainian developers, you will have to spend time and effort exploring the available options. Here are the platforms that can help:

  • Upwork;
  • Clutch;
  • GitHub;
  • Stack Overflow.

These portals will allow you to find maximum information about a freelance developer or outsourcing company, their successful projects, current hourly pay and other important details. After analyzing the market and choosing a supplier, follow these key steps:

  • Submit detailed requirements (project description, employee responsibilities, team size, deadline, etc.).
  • Ask a vendor for available developers or a whole team to start working on the software.
  • Send the specialists to HR to test their technical and communication skills, as well as their English proficiency level in order to select the most talented ones.
  • Integrate the selected programmers into your project.

The administrative tasks of remote software development team handling are usually taken over by an outsourcing manager.

There are certain specifics that you need to keep in mind when looking to put together a team of developers – Ukrainian or any other. Freelancer platforms may be good for a one-time job, but if you need to put an entire team together they are not a viable option. The rate at which you’ll be able to find suitable candidates will be much lower than what you need. Compatibility is another issue that can’t be ignored – getting a team effectively may take another several months after a team is assembled.

Resorting to the services of an outsourcing company that already has a range of available and vetted, and some may offer developer teams that are ready to work at peak efficiency from the outset.

An outsourcing company can relieve you of the technical management burden, allowing you to concentrate on your product and business needs. Another bonus is that if a team member leaves – the outsourcing company will deal with the fallout and replace them – one less headache for you.
There are some cons that you need to be aware of as well. First, the cost of services will be several-fold higher. Second, it’s difficult to monitor the quality of the developers working for you through an outsourcing company, so you need to find a reliable firm in order to make progress.

Looking for a Team with Jappware

To spend less time looking for professional developers, you can always turn to Jappware, which has extensive experience in augmenting the staff of various companies around the world. We can select a team for a specific project, a short-term partnership (1-2 years) or for longer cooperation.
As a rule, searching and setting up a team takes from 3 days to several months (it depends on the complexity of the client’s requirements). Clients are directly involved in the hiring process and choose the staff to their preferences — thanks to Jappware, you will have access to a huge pool of top Ukrainian developers.