It is impossible to deny the importance of software at the core of any business globally. Every organization in the world wants its software to keep running without any issues. This is the reason so many companies seek customized software solutions to help streamline the process and bring efficiency to the entire system.

Some people are aware of the fact that qualified software companies can provide them with exact solutions to their problems. However, on a wider scale, there is much mystery and confusion surrounding software companies and what they do.

According to recent surveys, there are over 500,000 IT and software services just in the U.S alone. Are you also confused regarding what software companies do? If so, this article will break everything down to help you better understand software companies and their operations.

A software development company: what is it?

Software development firms are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining frameworks, applications and other software components for consumers and businesses.

To better understand the entire process, let’s begin by highlighting what software development actually is. The process involving conception, specification, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing involving the creation and maintenance of application, software components and frameworks is known as software development.

It is the job of the software development company to fit all these pieces together in a precise manner. This includes everything from conception to final deployment of the software. Everything including research, new developments, prototype, modification, re-engineering and maintenance is undertaken by the software development company. However, before beginning any new project with a software company, it is very important to first understand what a software company does.


So what exactly does a software development company do?

Instead of getting into boring details, software development can be summed up in the following four concise steps:

  1. Identifies the need
    Software development companies understand your specific needs in order to create a custom software solution. Understanding these needs involves asking questions such as: Why is this important? What problems does it solve? What will be the impact of the software on the end user?
  2. Develops software
    After understanding the needs of the client, the next step involves designing and developing the software in order to fulfill the criteria put forth by the client. The software offered by the company may provide desktop solutions, SaaS products, mobile phone applications and more.
  3. Testing and QA
    Once the software is fully developed, the next step involves testing the software to ensure that it is bug free. The software development company ensures that the software runs smoothly and offers uninterrupted functionality. This is a very important stage and a good software development company makes extra effort to ensure that the software is flawless. For more widely used software such as the ones used in the accounting industry there are pre-specified industry standards. For more customized software solutions, companies have internal quality standards that are taken very seriously.
  4. Release and Maintenance
    Finally, the product is released by the company. By this stage, the product is completely ready to be used by clients. Depending on the initial contract, the software company might continue to provide assistance with usage and maintenance of the software.

Most of the software companies will more or less follow the process outlined earlier. However, some companies work on different projects and then develop software solutions based on their learnings.

To sum up: software development companies offer software solutions that fulfill the needs of clients to bring efficiency to the system. Different software providers specialize in different industries and have profound insights into the core workings of their client’s industry.

What are the Services Offered by a Software Development Company?

Besides software development and delivery, providing consultation and strategic services also comes under the purview of software companies. To give you an example, here at Jappware, we offer project consultation and digital transformation strategies that help businesses streamline their operation and bring about the digital transportation process swiftly.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art framework, our software developers have the capability to provide outside perspective, agility and understanding of the required innovation. Services like us are perfect for organizations that are seeking help executing their projects and meeting their digital transformation goals.

How Can You Choose the Right Software Development Company?

While there are software companies that claim to undertake any project but this is far from the truth. If you are in need of a software development company then you should choose the one that provides services related to your field.

Working with the right software developers means you will be receiving a unique software solution that meets your requirements and brings positive change to your business.Before you choose any software development company, make sure to take out some time to research the area of expertise of said company and what is their public feedback. While some software projects can be completed within weeks or even days, generally customized software solutions can generally take up to several months to develop a final software. Therefore, it is very important to find a company that you are comfortable working with. It is not just about some coding. It involves a lot of back and forth communication and mutual understanding.

Note: each company has its own unique strengths. Some companies are experts when it comes to time-sensitive projects. Other companies might offer the expertise that you can’t find anywhere else. It is very important that you think about the software process as a whole and choose the software development company that works best for your needs.

Looking for a Software Development Company?

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