Handling background tasks often poses challenges in software development, ranging from effectively managing execution errors to tracking task statuses and progress and efficiently distributing work across multiple services. In response to these challenges, our upcoming session delves into the captivating realm of background task handling, focusing on the remarkable capabilities of JobRunr. The tool emerges as a compelling solution, showcasing its elegance and proficiency in seamlessly orchestrating background tasks.

Explore how JobRunr significantly supports the distribution of task processing across a range of popular databases. We'll also embark on an exploration of existing widely-used solutions for task processing, uncovering their limitations. Additionally, we'll delve into the motivations behind opting for JobRunr and delve into its compelling advantages, including its seamless embeddability into existing applications and its developer-friendly API.

An exceptional bonus lies in JobRunr's built-in user interface, which provides a visual representation of ongoing and scheduled tasks. This UI adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing for the visualization of task details and execution statuses.
The talk was even mentioned in the official JobRunr blog: https://www.jobrunr.io/en/blog/2022-12-06-jobrunr-in-the-news/

Prepare to be inspired by the seamless integration of this tool into your development workflow. Enjoy!