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    $50,000 - $100,000

    Company size:

    100 - 200

    Team size:


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    $200,000 - $500,000

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  • Cloud Stack & Serverless Solutions

      This document shows our solid experience and case studies based on different cloud providers and achievements. 

  • Web Applications & API Development

      Our experience in Web Application development shows complex and non-trivial tasks with successful results.

  • UI/UX & Front-End Development

      The face of your application is your front-end as well as a place of your client's first impression. Jappware is like a team of makeup artists who cares about this continuously.

  • Big-Data Solutions & Data Processing

      "Big-Data" term should be treat as a way to manage and process huge amounts of the data, not only storages. At Jappware we do it all.

  • Mobile Applications Development

      Mobile applications are the best modern way to reach your clients, collect feedbacks, and provide services. Smart mobile apps make life easier and bring happiness.

  • E-Commerce, CRM & Payment Integrations

      Internet commerce is one of the wealthiest industries in the world that continuously use and improve technologies and where time-to-market is a key performance metric. Having the right tech partner to build these solutions will provide the ability to have the fastest delivery process and keep the quality on a high level!

  • Desktop Applications Development

      In the era of Cloud and Serverless computation, there are still a lot of requirements to keep data locally with high security and work offline.

  • Data analysis and Machine Learning

      Using the proper data analysis and machine learning algorithms you can fetch much more value from any kind of data that you or your business own.

  • Quality Assurance, Documentation & Reporting

      Quality is not just a part of the process, it is a culture, it is a way how the team can meet clients' expectations and provide guarantees.

  • Penetration Testing

      Any system or organization that can be accessed from the outside (even by your employee) must be protected. Hiring the team to determine weak places and provide you detailed report you shoulv be awared in their expertise. At Jappware we have it and ready to implement any time.

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